Customization Service: Dog Tag

We will provide our beautifully designed dog tags in all our Ella Wang collars and leashes. These dog tags will have engraved personalized dog information for emergency contact should something happen to your pets.
* Personalized engraving will be charged with an additional service fee.
* Dog tag replacement/purchase/engraving service will be charged at a discounted price for all existing customers.
* Personalized engraving service may take up to 10 business days.

Customization Service: Collars

Please refer to the “Dog Collar Size Chart” located on the last page to determine the size/measurement of your pet. To customize the collar of your choice, please be certain to provide the measurement of your pet’s neck size, product name, color, quantity and also contact information.
*Your contact information must consist of name, e-mail and telephone number as well as the preferred shipping address.
* Kindly leave us a message/feedback on our website at (website) and also LIKE (or cut and paste a “thumbs up” here) our Facebook page at (hyperlink).
*E-mail address: