Size Chart: Designer Bead Collar Collection

Product Maintenance & Safety: Designer Bead Collar Collection & Leashes (Please Read Prior to Use)
* When cleaning our collars, please avoid any acidic/alkaline based chemical solutions. Solutions like Frontline will damage and dissolve the color of our beads. Please remove collars and wait until the chemical is COMPLETELY dried before placing the collars back on your pets.
* Our collars are very strong and sturdy however; they are intended for pets only. Product may be potentially dangerous if misused by children.
* Please avoid contact with water for a prolonged period of time. If wet, please dry it as soon as possible to avoid rusting.
* Metal and beads may wear-out over time depending on the dog or owner’s habits.
* Please prevent your pets from chewing, swallowing and extensive licking of the collars.
* Please be mindful of your dog’s fur being caught between the beads over a long period of use.
* Please examine our collars regularly before use. If there is any deterioration or breakage, please replace them immediately for your pet’s safety and comfort.
* Our Designer Bead Collars Collection & Leashes are not suitable for teething, over-active, uncontrollable or very strong (L~XXL) dogs.
* User’s discretion is advised.
* For more information on safety and maintenance, please visit our official website at

Recommended Size Chart: (Weight Class)
XS: ~5kg    M+:~18kg
S: ~8kg    L: ~23kg
M:~13kg    XL: ~38kg
Leashes: ~18kg
Our collars are designed to withstand the force of a hyper mid-size dog. (~18kg)

Size Chart: Designer Leather Collar Collection

Product Maintenance & Safety: Genuine Leather Collar Collection & Leashes (Please Read Prior to Use)
* Due to current leather dyeing technology in the market, humidity and rain may cause the colors of the leather to fade. Therefore, good maintenance is essential for the durability and longevity of our products.
* Please dry all leather goods after it gets wet from rain or water activities. DO NOT dry it with high temperature heating.
* Please be mindful of the possibility for stain or discoloration caused by the rain.
* During baths/showers please be sure to remove our leather products from your pets and avoid any acidic/alkaline based chemicals.
* Please store our goods in our protection bas to maximize the durability and optimize the condition of our products when they are not in use.
* Please avoid pesticides or any volatile compound solutions such as alcohol on our leather.
* Please store our bags/products in a cool and well ventilated environment and avoid high temperature environment.
* For more information on safety and maintenance, please visit our official website at

Collars :         Leads/Leashes:
Size M: 12"-14"     Long: 105cm
Size L:14"-16.5"      Short: 60cm (Large dogs)
Size XL:16.5"-20"
Size XXL: 20"-23.5"

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