How To Get The Best Fitting Collars: For Customization


For optimal comfort, please place 1-2 fingers inside the collar. This will provide extra breathing room(1~2cm) for your pets.
Please make sure your pets remain still while taking any measurement.
***Caution: Please use your best judgment & avoid having the collars on too tight or too loose.
Please use your current collar for size reference. For any further question, please refer to the charts and picture below. Thank you.


Designer Beads Collars: Each size can be adjusted with 1cm(1.2cm for XL) increment. Please chose the right size for your dogs.
◆◆If the collars are not the right size for your pets, please contact us or bring it back to the store you purchased from for exchange. Thank you: ) ◆◆

Size Chart:Designers' Beads Collars

Size Chart:Designer's Leather Collars